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Federal Skilled Worker

As one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) effectively brings thousands of immigrants to Canada each year. It provides an opportunity for individuals and their families to immigrate to Canada if they meet the FSWP Eligibility Requirements.

Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on the applicant’s ability to become economically established upon arriving in Canada.

Minimum requirements to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker:

Super Visa

Super Visa allows the parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens to visit them in Canada for up to 2 years at a time.

Its A multi-entry visa for Canada, allowing multiple entries into Canada for up to 10 years.

Parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens that wish to stay in Canada for a period of 6 months or less must instead apply for a Canada visitor visa.

The processing times differs based on country to country. An individual must be the parent or grandparent of either a citizen of Canada or a Canadian permanent resident to apply.

A signed letter of invitation from the child/grandchild inviting them to Canada is mandatory.

Letter of invitation doesn’t guarantee visa. It helps the visa officers assess the applicant in order to check if they meet the terms and requirements of the Canadian immigration law. Visa officers may ask a notary public notarized letter.

The Parent and Grandparent Visa also require that a written and signed promise of financial support be submitted. Evidence that the income – of the Canadian citizen/PR sponsoring their parent/grandparent –either meets or is above the low-income cut-off [LICO].


As per visa officer it must be a “genuine visitor" that will voluntarily be leaving the country at the end of their visit. Other factors assessed include the purpose of the visit, the overall economic and political stability of their home country, and ties to the home country.


Wish to stay longer – beyond the given 6 months –extension is required, paying a new fee

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What Our Clients Say

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 Jasjit Singh, 35

"With Five Riverz Immigration, There was no need to worry about the immigration process. I felt welcome and in good hands."

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