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Federal Skilled Worker

As one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) effectively brings thousands of immigrants to Canada each year. It provides an opportunity for individuals and their families to immigrate to Canada if they meet the FSWP Eligibility Requirements.

Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on the applicant’s ability to become economically established upon arriving in Canada.

Minimum requirements to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker:

Immigrate To Canada

Immigration to Canada is strictly based on rules, regulations, directives, policies, and the Act of Parliament that regulates the entry of every individual into Canada. Immigration had always played a vital role in Canadian growth history.

Thousands of immigrants from across the globe have come to this country either to serve or to stay. Rapid increase in demand in Canadian immigration has made Canadian immigration lawyers to develop their skills &  practice in the area of Canadian immigration law. Earlier, Canadian immigration lawyers use to help families in Canada to sponsor their family members, assisting Canadian businessmen in recruiting foreign workers, and represented those subject to deportation orders from Canada.


Now Days, the department has deployed very systematic immigration criteria to recruit economic class immigrants, including skilled workers and business class immigrants into Canada.


CIC Canada also known as The present Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department, is one of the most important departments of the Canadian government.


What Our Clients Say

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 Jasjit Singh, 35

"With Five Riverz Immigration, There was no need to worry about the immigration process. I felt welcome and in good hands."

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